eBay & Amazon calculator assumptions

The below relates to how the Instant eBay and Amazon fee calculator operates.

To simplify the somewhat complex commission, fees, and costs surrounding selling your stuff on eBay, Amazon, and selling your stuff on the same platforms but with the help of an agent or broker, this calculator works using the following assumptions:

  • Use of the following platforms: eBay.co.uk; Paypal.com; Amazon.co.uk; PigFlog.com (agency)
  • Users are UK-based consumers and businesses
  • All output numbers are rounded to the nearest whole £GBP
  • All fee structures are current as at 18/03/15

eBay notes:

  • Listing fees vary immensely, and so for this calculator we have simply rounded the listing fee to £1.00 for simplicity.
  • Listing ‘extras’ charges for things such as extra photos; US site visibility; 2nd categories; and so on have all been ignored in this calculator for simplicity.
  • Pricing is based upon standard consumer and business sellers only. No seller fee discounting is accounted for.
  • For category-dependant final value fees please use the advanced tab. Else the ‘everything else’ category is default.
  • For the effect of reserve pricing please use the advanced tab.

Amazon notes:

  • For category-dependant commission differences please use the advanced tab. Else the ‘everything else’ category is default.

Agency notes:

  • Currently we use PigFlog.com only as a eBay & Amazon agency/broker demonstration. We plan to add a variety of UK agencies so as to compare pricing. Like most agencies this one will not sell items worth less than £50 so this price range is blocked.
  • The calculator does not take into account any postage fees which may be discounted from the gross sales price when PigFlog manages order fulfilment.
  • The calculator does not take into account any visit; pick-up; on-site photography visit fees which may be applicable if such services have been opted for.

This calculator has been created completely independently of eBay, Paypal, Amazon.